Using Social Media to Find Work

Social media platforms are a great tool for job searching as many employers use social media to advertise their latest vacancies.

Here are our top tips for using social media to find work:

· Create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is essentially an online CV/portfolio, providing you with a platform to demonstrate your skills and experience whilst allowing employers to screen potential candidates. Although it should not be a replica of your CV, it will have all the vital information you would like an employer to see. Pick your most professional head-shot, and a relevant headline and you’re ready to go.

· Connect with colleagues or fellow students you know

LinkedIn encourages you to connect with people you’ve worked with at college or in other work environments. You can use this to your advantage and ask them to endorse your skills or recommend you to their connections.

· Follow businesses you’d like to work for

Businesses often put the latest vacancies on their feeds across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’ve had a guest speaker at college from a business you’d be interested in working for, don’t be afraid to express your interest in the company and a role. They may be able to help you with work experience.

· Search for jobs on LinkedIn

The platform is also useful to keep up to date with current vacancies on the ‘Job’ tab, allowing you to tailor job searches to your experience.

· Create a blog, vlog or website

If you’re passionate about your subject, why not create an online portfolio to express your work. This is very useful for creative students, as it looks professional and is available for potential employers to see.

· Always be professional online

Make sure there isn’t anything on a social media site that you wouldn’t want your future employer to see.

Use Facebook to let your friends and Family know you’re looking for a job as your friends may know of vacancies or opportunities you may not have seen yet.

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