How to write a professional CV

Writing a curriculum vitae (CV) may seem like a challenging task, however, it is essential to finding a job, and it’s where you should begin in your job search.

A CV is a helpful way of presenting your experience, skills and qualifications in formal writing, clearly and concisely. It is a chance to ‘sell yourself’ to an employer. There is no right or wrong way of writing a CV however, there are a few guidelines which should be followed to ensure you have all the vital information.

Things to include:

ü Name, address, telephone number and email address

ü Personal profile/statement.

ü Key skills. Include skills literacy, numeracy, communication, team-work, leadership, time-management and decision-making.

ü Previous jobs and experience.

ü Qualifications.

ü References.

Top tips: · Your CV should be clear, concise and well presented. Ensure the font is appropriately sized easy to read, with clear headings. · It should be no longer than two sides of A4. · Tailor your CV to each job advert, so that you can draw attention to your relevant strengths and emphasise your suitable skills and experience. You can find the desired skills on the job specification. · Within your key skills section, explain how the skills you possess have been used in previous work experience. For example, “Excellent communication skills which has been demonstrated through my part-time customer service role within retail, where I served customers in a friendly and professional manner”. · Present both your qualifications and work experience in order of most relevant first. · If you haven’t yet received your grades, include your predicted grades to give the employer an indication. · Instead of naming references, you can put ‘references available upon request’. Ensure you have permission by your references before giving out their personal details. · Triple check your spelling and grammar – If you’re unsure, don’t forget you can book a meeting with Sally or Sammy. · Keep it up to date.

If you’re still wondering how to write a cv, take a look at our cv templates.

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